LinkClick banner system


For some time now we have been seeking a reliable way to create quality interlinking systems to excite the search engines and gain search engine placements and positioning for client websites. Late 2006 saw the idea become a reality, that reality is the ever organmic LinkClick banner system.

How it works - The LinkClick system can be installed to your site within minutes, due to the remote administration of the system, we simply need to add one line of code to the base of your chosen page or pages. This code can be supplied for you or your webmaster to add to the site or our programmers can take care of it for you.

Once installed - From the second the code is installed and uploaded to your website you will be serving links to other members of the campaign, and THEY WILL BE SERVING LINKS TO YOU.

What links will I get? - The 'generic' link system is growing all the time as new customers come on board and will supply random links (all with equal weight) throughout all member sites. We also program bespoke systems to deliver only the links you want, ie. specific industry related links or other companies within your group. You may have a group of suppliers who would relish the idea of having their links show on the base of your website.

What are the benefits? - The system is designed to allow search engines to follow the links from site to site indexing the various sites as they go, bringing your site and other members sites further up the search engine rankings. Obviously as the links are visible on the page your sites visitors will also see them and are able to click on them to view the relevant sites, adding value to your site and also increasing the credibility of your site in viewers eyes.

What do the links look like? - Below is a real example of the banner exchange system, click here to reload this page (or press refresh or F5), to see another randomly selected banner from the 'generic' campaign.

How do I join? - Click here to email us, there's absolutely no commitment. Once your enquiry has been received, we will be in touch to discuss your LinkClick banner system membership.


Phone: 01260 218359